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This is my first blog about my Granddaughter . Her name is Alexis Adams, however I call her LuLu . You know grandmothers always have a nick name for their grandchildren. Let me tell you a little about her.. She was born on a cold February day. All family members were there to welcome her into the wonderful world. As a baby and child , she was always happy, and very huggable . As a teenager she was active in school, playing sports , enjoying music and helping those in need. LuLu was ready to go to the community college in August to study to be a Paramedic.

She started her studies that August 2017. But by November she notices that she had a lump on her left side of her neck. After going to the doctors and being tested the news that she had thyroid cancer was shocking . We were told that she had Metastatic Thyroid Cancer . Her first Surgery was in January 2018 to remove the tissue from her neck. In May 2018 she started radiation treatment. Because of the type radiation treatment  she had to wait 12 months to see if the Radiation treatment work. In April of 2019 she was ready for her next treatment of radiation. CT scan showed that the cancer had spread to both of her lungs. So now at 20 years old she was told that the cancer was Metastatic in both of her lungs.

The family started a GoFundMe page to help with her medical expenses. (Alexis Adams Medical Fund). As LuLu grandmother, I wished I could heal her body. I Pray daily for a cure and a miracle . I have started this blog to let others know about Lu’s type of Cancer. And how she is doing. ¬†

If you read this and follow this blog, please pray for a miracle and cure for my LuLu (aka Alexis) .


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